2009 Pet Mayor Contest

We are grateful for your votes and donations! The votes have been counted. Congratulations to the winners!

2009 Total Donations Received: $19,637.00

Title: Pet Mayor
Pet Name: Little Bear
Breed: American Eskimo Mix
Sponsor: Montclair Women's Cultural
Arts Club & Crogan’s Restaurant
Title: Vice Mayor
Pet Name: Bella
Breed: Beagle
Sponsor: Someone's In The Kitchen

Title: Secretary of Steak
Pet Name: Molly
Breed: Bassett Hound
Sponsor: Shine Hair Salon
Title: Furst Officer
Pet Name: Gracie
Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
Sponsor: Montclair Veterinary Hospital

Title: Bark Ranger
Pet Name: Alice
Breed: Chiahuaua
Sponsor: Tacqueria Las Comadres
Title: Conservation Commissioner
Pet Name: Alex
Breed: Desert Tortoise
Sponsor: Miller & Company Salon

Title: Canine Commissioner
Pet Name: Rico
Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Sponsor: Pelago Gifts
Title: Deputy Dog
Pet Name: Nitro
Sponsor: Montclair Bistro


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