2007 Pet Mayor Contest

We are grateful for your votes and donations! The votes have been counted. Congratulations to the winners!
2007 Total Donations Received: $11,200.00

Title: Pet Mayor
Pet Name: Bella
Sponsor: Someone’s In The Kitchen
Title: Vice Mayor
Pet Name: Gracie
Sponsor: Montclair Veterinary Hospital

Title: Canine Commissioner
Pet Name: Tyler
Sponsor: Starbucks
Title: Count of Montclair
Pet Name: Hershey
Sponsor: Raimondi$#39;s

Title: “Fur”st Officer Pet Name: Sunny Sponsor: Italian Colors
Title: Catroller Pet Name: Calypso Sponsor: Montclair Veterinary Hospital Pet & Wildlife Fund
Title: Bark Ranger Pet Name: Mila Sponsor: Bank of America
Title: Senior Statesman Pet Name: Whitey Sponsor: A Great Good Place for Books
Title: Cattorney General Pet Name: Roxy Sponsor: Neal & Associates Attorneys


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